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Soraya began her professional writing career as the resident astrologer for The Sunday Post newspaper. In 2001 Soraya was invited to write her first reference book 'Book of Spells' which continues to be a bestseller and since then she has gone on to write other titles in this genre.
As a Reiki Master Teacher Soraya devoted much of her time to developing Reiki Teaching manuals that maintain traditional methods yet provide best practice for expected educational standards and her courses were approved to graduate level by SQA. Soraya has since published The Reiki Training Manual to share her experience. Although now retired from teaching Reiki, Soraya's methods are still being taught by Master Teachers that were trained by her.
Her psychic skills have been put to good use in one of her latest books 'Psychic Guidance'. This was inspired because readers of her Book of Runes commented that when they had a problem all they had to do was open her Rune book and they would find their answer.
With this in mind Soraya put Psychic Guidance together to help others in times of need. All they have to do is think of their question and open the book at a random page to find their guidance.
Soraya's secret ambition had been to write novels but she always felt too busy to devote any time to doing what she wanted to do most. Her first novel The Wooden Rose,(A symbol of love, a mystery unravelled) finally achieved that dream and it has been followed by the prequel, Before the Rose, (the Gypsy's Curse) and she is busy writing the third book in the trilogy After The Rose,(Breaking the Curse). Soraya is a best-selling author, a White Witch, an international Psychic Consultant, Numerologist, and a Reiki Master Teacher SQA Endorsed.

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Former Astrologer for My Weekly Magazine
Former Creative Writing Course Tutor Argyll College UHI
Author for Geddess and Grosset
Former Astrologer for the Sunday Post
Former Editorial Secretary for Pagan Dawn
Contributor to Silver Wheel Annual Magazines

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